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Studio Closing
March 4th

Who Are We

We'll be back!

I am sad to share that we will be closing our cake studio soon. We will still be open through March 4th, but it is with a heavy heart that I will be saying goodbye to you all for a while, but will certainly be back as soon as life allows!

I (Asa) will likely have to have surgery on my hands, and while I would have liked to get through another season of weddings and offerings downtown, the pain and damage is getting to be too much. This combined with the crazy-increasing cost of ingredients, and other life factors and considerations, Chris and I have decided this is the right path for me and Wildflour Cake Design in this season. 

I will likely be returning to cake design in a more custom/bespoke way as I was before opening the shop and will make all updates on my social media in the meantime!


IG/FB @wildflourcakedesign


Please keep an eye out for weekly flavor postings on social media, I thank ALL off you for your support of our downtown dream this last two years, as well as all the years before, and I look forward to where this journey goes! 


I'll be back! xoxo -Asa

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