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Updated: Sep 19, 2019

The Wildflour Blog was created for clients and event industry people who would like to know more about cake and the cake process. Particularly, cake here in our gorgeous state of Maine! I want to help clients truly create something special for their event or party, help brides and grooms capture the spirit of their relationship and style in cake form, and to educate local folks into the world of sweets and what we have to offer here at Wildflour Cake Design. 

Asa, Owner & Artist at Wildflour Cake Design

My backstory:

I was born and raised in Maine, and though I have lived elsewhere for part of my life, Maine has always been home to me. I have a wonderful, supportive family who live here in Maine and New Hampshire, and I currently live in Bangor with my amazing boyfriend Chris, who is more supportive and encouraging than I have space to write. He really is my partner in sweet crime!

I first started cake decorating for fun in my early 20s. My mother made wedding cakes when I was little and taught me to bake when I was growing up, so I have always loved to baked had an interest in cake decorating but I never really pursued decorating of any kind until after college. Decorating for me started one day when I wanted to make a special cake for a family member and I remembered that my mother used to make her own fondant from scratch. So I arranged sort of a cake “play date” with her and we made fondant together at her home. I used this fondant to decorate the cake which, I believe I had wanted to be a valentines cake for my grandmother and I shared it with her, and my dad. So here you have it… my first decorated cake ever! LOL (It’s cute, but oh dear! We sure do start somewhere!) 


After that first cake I was hooked. I began finding any excuse to bake and decorate. I eventually started a little food blog when I lived in Florida because I was super into baking and cooking everything! I laugh to myself about that blog because it was just so silly! (Maybe this blog will be cooler!) But it was fuel for this new passion of mine and it became, I think, the real tool that helped me to discover and narrow down what I liked doing most out of all of those adventures:

 I. Loved. Baking. 

I absolutely love to cook as well, but baking really matches my kind of creativity. It allows me to make something I can share with people that almost 100% of people can relate to and smile about, and that is something special for me. Besides, who doesn’t love a house that constantly smells like chocolate cake, right?

I continued baking and decorating until I started getting more and more people who would say “you should totally open a bakery” or “these are so good, you could sell these!” It always made me feel happy but inside I was like “pshhh I will never run a business, are you kidding me?” I either didn’t think I could do it, or didn’t think I wanted to, but the more I baked for friends and family, the more I realized I wanted to. In 2012, I started taking orders. It was scary, but oh so rewarding to see friends and clients so happy. In 2013, I moved to San Diego, and not long later, after a lot of planning and research, in early 2014 I acquired a health permit from the city, a business license, registered my DBA, and purchased business insurance and was officially a business!

I spent the next two and a half years as Asa’s Cakes, serving the greater San Diego area with birthday, event and wedding cakes. For some time, I had a booth at an area farmers market where I offered my sweets during the week and talked to people about my services. I also enjoyed working on collaborations with industry friends and other vendors as well as going to some really cool networking events where I met other incredible vendors. It is safe to say that that voice in my head who said “No way I’ll ever do that” was so very, very wrong. I loved it! And I have come to find, that I even love the business side of things too. 

Three years ago I moved back home to Maine, and rebranded my business to Wildflour Cake Design. And while it took a bit of time to get a client base built back up from scratch and get the word about, I am back at it again. So far I have had a fantastic 2019 season full of weddings and parties and really great people, and I am eyeing a bright 2020 ahead! I truly love what I do, both designing beautiful centerpieces, and creating delicious desserts that leave you wanting another.  

I hope on this blog you’ll find advice and tips for all things cake, interesting stories about events and really amazing people I meet long the way, and of course, lots and lots of ideas! I’ll touch on my design and creative process, talk about trends, flavors and beautiful designs, and maybe even teach you some things that you didn’t know about the world of cake and sugar art! There may also be a little dangerous temptation of glorious cake eye-candy! Thank you for reading, and I really hope you’ll enjoy my stories and find what you’re looking for here! And always, always, save room for cake!

With love and sweets, 



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