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When director Vikram (Etienne de Harcourt) makes a film with a feminist message, there are two things you can count on: one, it’s going to have a lot of politics, and two, it’s going to be watched by a lot of women. Vikram tells me that at the time, he didn’t even know what feminism was. He’d seen a couple of female characters in films, but assumed that if a woman was in a film at all, it had to be as an object of desire. It wasn’t until after watching Gandhi that he finally realized, wow, women were actually in the theatre too, and in many cases, at the helm. In fact, it was after that that he learned that feminism wasn’t just a slogan or a movement; it was, and still is, a political philosophy. Watch Jurm Full Movie Jurm is a movie that’s all about feminism: about women speaking out, about being able to stand up for yourself, about breaking down stereotypes and about what it means to be truly equal. Vikram, who is originally from France and whose parents came to India from Guyana, remembers the first time he saw a woman walk out of her house as being a big deal. The making of Jurm An 18-year-old Vikram is first inspired by the film Vicky Donor. Director Vikram Etienne de Harcourt is inspired by the French filmmaker Chris Marker's 1964 documentary Tokyo Olympiad, based on the olympics held in the Tokyo National Stadium during Japan's postwar years. While studying film at university, Vikram gets the idea to make a film based on the 1968 Mexico City Olympics. Vikram starts making this film over five years after leaving school and while studying English Literature at Oxford University. In an interview for French magazine Agnés B, Vikram states that he was interested in the topic of the "Mexican Olimpicks" because he was expecting to travel to Mexico City at some point in the future. When he was in Mexico City and learned that the time had passed, he made the decision to start shooting the film. He says that he wanted to explore these characters "close to home" - characters that he can identify with, whom he can "hear" - and that the film is about the characters "trying to find their voice". He also



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