Everyday Cake Collection

We recommend ordering at least 2-4 weeks out, but will take last minute orders when we can, if availability allows (minimum of 5 days notice).

Our cake collection includes a range of everyday designs made to suit any occasion, whether it be a birthday, anniversary, baby or bridal shower, a dinner party, or just because. 

Each design is available in multiple size options and can be customized in terms of color, as well as other add-on optionsSee below for a list of sizes, prices, add-ons and seasonally changing flavor choices.

Cake Collection cakes are offered for pick-up only, from our private location (off of West Broadway in Bangor, ME). Pick-up address will be provided during ordering process.

If you want something different than is offered in our Cake Collection, we are happy to design something completely custom for you. Please reach out to us through our Weddings and Bespoke Inquiry Form

Click on the image for a description of each cake and what is include in the design

Color Band
White cake with bold color band and gold leaf. (Flowers shown not included but flowers can be added at an extra charge)
Smooth white buttercream, with a band of color around the base. Choose up to 2 colors and create an ombre look, or 2-tone effect like shown. (Seasonal flowers included, but optional)
Rustic Swipes
Rustic, "messy-on-purpose" style buttercream, available in all white (shown), pale pink or pale blue. Seasonal flowers optional, but included.
Semi-naked cake, with a chocolate or colored drip included if desired. (Fruit/berries not included but can be added. See add-ons" section)
Simple, white pleated buttercream. Seasonal flowers included, but optional. (Sugar flowers shown not included but can be added at additional charge, see "add-ons" section)
Party Time!
Sprinkles and swirls for any par-tay! Name optional but included. (Macarons shown not included but can be added at an extra charge)
Cookies + Cream!
Cookies and cream drip cake, with cookie crumbs and white drip. Choose cookies and cream inside for the full package, or another flavor if you're feeling like mixing it up!
White buttercream cake with dreamy swoops of colors of your choosing (up to 3 colors to make a scheme) with flecks of gold leaf, pearls and flowers. (Seasonal flowers included but optional)
Striped buttercream cake in choice of 2 colors. (Isomalt sail not included, but available at extra charge. See "add-ons")
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everyday cake menu

April/May (The seasonal flavor changes monthly/seasonally with our rotating Cake Pint menu. Our full menu of cake flavors is offered for custom cake orders)

*All cake designs are iced in vanilla buttercream on the outside unless otherwise shown or for seasonal/holiday specials.

**Some designs may have limited flavor choices (for example the Cookies + Cream design does not have lemon as a flavor choice)

Vanilla: Vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream 

Confetti: Vanilla confetti cake with vanilla buttercream 

Chocolate-Chocolate: Our chocolate fudge cake with vanilla and signature chocolate fudge buttercream filling

Lemon-Lemon: Lemon cake with lemon buttercream filling

Cookies & Cream: Cookies and cream cake, with oreo cookie crumbles and vanilla buttercream

(Seasonal) Carrot Cake: Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Buttercream Filling (*contains no nuts or raisins)


sizes & portions

Our collection cakes come in 4 sizing options. 3 single cake options, as well as a 2-tiered option. The servings for each is shown below in both party size slices and dessert size slices if cutting larger pieces. Our cakes are a modern 5-6" tall and 3-4 layers depending on the flavor/fillings.

Party Slices (standard): 2"x 1" x 5"  Dessert Slices: 2" x 2" x 5" (larger cut)

Small cake: 6" cake serving 10-12 party slices OR 6-8 dessert slices

Medium cake: 7" cake serving 15-18 party slices OR 8-12 dessert slices

Large cake: 8" cake serving 20-24 party slices OR 12-16 dessert slices

2-tiered cake: 6" & 9" stacked cake combination, serving 38-42 party slices OR 22-26 dessert slices

price list

"Watercolor", "Rustic Swipes", "Semi-Naked" & "Pleated": Small $55 - Medium $75 - Large $100 - 2-tiered cake $185

"Party Time", "Cookies + Cream!" & "Color Band": Small cake $60 - Medium cake $80 -  Large cake $100 - 2-tiered cake $185

"Striped" & "Dream": Small cake $65 - Medium cake $85 - -Large cake $115 - 2-tiered cake $215 

Case Cakes: Starting at $40; We sometimes carry case cakes ready-to-go in our case during walk-in hours, these are first come, first served, until sold.



You can customize your Collection Cake with optional add-ons. Below are the prices for add-on design elements if they are not already included in the cake style. (See each cake description for what is included in each design and other inclusions/exclusions.) 

Drip: Chocolate or Colored drip effect $5 (Standard) $25 (Gold)

Fresh flowers; Seasonal, chef's choice$15 (simple) $30 (lots)

Fresh Fruit: Garnish amount: $5 Decorative amount: $10 Lots!: $15

Name Option 1: Sugar plaque with name $10  with inscription (e.g. "Happy Birthday Jim") $15

Name Option 2: "Engraved" and painted name on buttercream: $20

Add Macarons: Small $13 - Medium $18 - Large $22 - 2-Tier/Add Full Dozen of choice $25

Gold leaf accent: $10



EMAIL: wildflourmaine@gmail.com  

Please allow 1-3 business days for a response as we are busy prepping orders and generally

covered in sugar most of the week.


  LOCATION: 20 State Street Downtown Bangor, Maine | TEL: 207-573-9060  

Please Note: We do NOT take orders over the phone.

Please instead use our custom order form, the online store, or email us! Thank you!



***We are currently closed, getting the shop ready for you and operating By Appointment Only but once open, our new hours will be:

Sunday - Closed | Monday-Wednesday: By Appointment 

WALK-IN: Thursday & Friday: 3:00 - 7:00pm | Saturday: 10:00am - 2:00pm


Questions? Read our FAQ​

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